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This blog is my personal blog where I usually rant about things that bother me. Most of which are scanlation-related. Due to the nature of my posts being rants I want to warn any reader that my language is NSFW and can be offensive. I do not intend to offend anyone but I can't avoid it either. I may be writing in English here but we are probably from all over the world and have our cultural differences and differing mindsets.

Please keep this in mind if you read my blog.

P.S.: While my actual blog posts are NSFW, I'm usually polite replying to your comments. At no time will I ever offend or insult somebody here. So please feel free to comment. I'm a nice person really ^^ (and I'm probably lacking a partner for scanlation-related discussions, lol)
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I've been meaning to move out of LJ, especially now after their new ToS. Here is a post that sums up their new fucked up policy very well: http://teromain.tumblr.com/post/159216873068/cleolinda-confusedkayt-minimoonstar

In a nutshell, if whatever you do, say or post on LJ doesn't adhere to Russian law, you're fucked. So I would suggest to anyone who posts about LGTBQ+ issues, yaoi/shounen ai, scanlations, manga/anime in general, who likes to talk about controversial topics to move to a new platform like tumblr or dreamwidth. Latter is basically a copy of LJ (better functionality though) but with actual freedom of speech. You can import your LJ posts over there, too. Very handy if you don't want to lose any content that you've posted on LJ.

You'll find me at icassop (dot) dreamwidth (dot) org.

See you there =)
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I only started Yuuri!!! on Ice because I saw someone say how pretty the ice skating animation was.
Beautiful gifs ahead )

And it is. It's authentic and looks real. With such complex moves the animation quality has to be top-notch. What should definitely be mentioned is that the female director (yes, female) is a fan of figure skating and therefore knows her stuff. It should be noted, too, that this is an original story. Most anime these days are adaptations of manga, novels or games. So seeing an original property getting this much love in its production is very refreshing and exciting.

The story is pretty simple (it is sports after all). Katsuki Yuuri is a 23-year-old figure skater who suffered a crushing defeat at the Gran Prix Finale. He returns home to Kyushu, Japan after a year abroad wanting to retire. One last effort to show his childhood friend what he had been practising despite his depression, he shows the award-winning routine of his idol and world championship ice skater Victor Nikiforov, which his friend's kids promptly record and put online. The video becomes viral and reaches Victor who decides to come to Japan to meet him.

This anime full of bishounen wouldn't be complete with some very tantalizing fanservice:
Getting up close and... )

The characters are very likeable, their chemistry is really good. I'm surprised how much I like Yuuri. He seems a bit drab at first but he has many surprising sides to his personality. The anime is fun without diluting the drama and it also doesn't throw around technical jargon all the time. They mention enough that you know what you're watching without becoming an exposition.

So if you're interested, I highly recommend checking it out. It's still ongoing but 6 episodes are out already.

Enjoy and let me know what you think XD
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I've come to hate the term "badass female character" because kicking everybody's ass is all good and well, but what else is there to her? I hate the notion that a woman in movies, especially in the action/adventure/superhero genre, can only be her own person, strong and independent, when she is perfect at everything.

Which is why I don't want to see a Black Widow solo movie. I have seen no flaw and no weakeness to her character that could be explored in a solo film. Her only "issue" so far was shown in a flashback in AoU and was later a little bit more explored in her scene with Banner. But there has to be more to her than what is - or actually, is not in this case - literally between her legs! Why not delve deeper into the impact of her decisions on her friendship with the other Avengers? For god's sake, she switches sides in Civil War!! How is backstabbing others not a character flaw that's explored more? As a former solo assassin, the avengers (except for Hawkeye) are probably her first real experience of friendship and close camaraderie. So why not show how her "highest-bidder" decision-making from her assassin days impacts her relationship with the others? She's more than a love interest and a pretty body to look at.

So now I'm really worried about Rey in Star Wars VIII. I like her in TFA but so far she's just nice and... pleasant, and most of all, she's perfect at everything. EVERYTHING. She resists force torture, she can apparently fly any big spaceship without actual practice, and she knows how to use the force not only to defend but also fight and mind control with it. WTF does she need Luke Skywalker to train her??? What I need from her in VIII now is for her to make a big mistake that has nothing to do with outside circumstances, she has to make a wrong decision with severe consequences. Just like Luke in Empire. And it's even more urgent with her than with Luke because when she's already so perfect, what character development would be left to explore?

What's most important about this whole "badass female character" issue is that being perfect isn't what's interesting about a character. It's their flaws and weaknesses that contrasts their strengths and skills. We as an audience don't relate to perfect characters. We respond to their struggles with their own flaws. Take Saitama from the anime One Punch Man. He's a parody of the whole shounen genre by defeating every opponent with one single punch. He IS the strongest person in the manga. But he isn't boring, far from it. He wants to be a famous, recognized hero but you could say that his powers are so unbelievable that people would rather explain away how he defeats such strong villains than actually acknowledge that he is that powerful. He's also incredibly unremarkable and leads a very simple and boring life, which is a nice contrast to his otherwise unmatched strength.

The other thing that annoys me about this, too, is that asking for help or getting help is seen as weak for a "badass" character. No, it's not. She doesn't suddenly become a damsel in distress because she needs help. Knowing and accepting help is not a sign of weakness. Realizing when one is out of their depth and in need of help is a way for the character to grow as a person. Sometimes asking for help is the bravest thing you can do.

What else can i say... The badass female character is as much of a trope as the damsel in distress. It's unrealistic, unrelatable and boring as fuck. No wonder I hate female characters in media so much.


Sep. 5th, 2016 02:37 am
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...and no endurance.

As I write this post, I'm watching a tumblr artist draw in a live stream. What I've learnt from watching is that I personally am a very impatient drawer. I'm not a bad drawer, I have an eye for detail, I'd also like to say that I have some base skill. But I could be better. Much better if only I actually practised. However, I don't. Why? I ask that myself all the time, and I keep telling myself I will start drawing something every day starting the next day. Just ten minutes every day. That's not too much to ask, is it?

It is... at least for me. I want instant success, I want it to look good but I don't have the patience. In my head, I know that I won't turn out masterpieces on the first try. Not even on the second or the third. But when it doesn't look good, I stop and re-doing isn't an option because I'm frustrated and fed up with my own drawing. I really have no endurance to look at my own work.

Now that I'm watching this artist though, I should keep at drawing even when I hate the drawing. I watched her redraw a hand for a good 5-10 minutes until she was satisfied with it. And she also erases and redraws lines quite often. It really shouldn't come as a surprise but actually seeing other people struggling with the same problems is extremely different from just hearing it said. And that goes for a lot of things.

I guess I feel inspired. Hopefully this inspiration will continue at least until tomorrow because it's really late and I'm tired.
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Uh... *cough* ...I've started playing Pokémon Go.


I jumped on the hype train. Wait, no. It's not a fucking hype train. It's an ode to nostalgia, to my child--- teenhood (is that a word?). I remember watching Pokémon season 1 on TV with my younger brother, and it was probably one of the most impressive things I had seen since Star Wars (and all the other anime like Dragonball, Sailormoon, etc. ... so not really impressive compared to them... but it was unique!). You go on an adventure, catch quasi-animals, train them, do battle with them and become their very best friends: a true calling for the hunter-gatherer in us humans.

So here I am. Catching pokémon at home because I don't have a mobile data plan (the only reason I'm not addicted yet). Funny enough though, in the first 24 hours since I started playing I caught 9 pokémon basically from my bed XD  But bless my city, they have free wifi downtown, so I will try and go there after work and when it's less hot outside. Because remember, kids: work before play and don't forget sunscreen. Also watch out for cars o_ô

Happy hunting for those who do, and those who don't, just let them have fun. What's better than seeing people looking this happy when they catch a pokémon:

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For the last two weeks I've been working non-stop, through weekends, too. It's a never-ending cycle. A bit repetitive, too, like that Rihanna song "Work". (Lyrics nowadays are stupid dumb shit.) Today I also got my first official employment contract which I've only skimmed so far. But from what I can see, I'm not liking it.

You might wonder why it's only my first contract. Haven't I been working for a few years? I have, but it is more of a pseudo-freelance half-employed thing? I get paid by the hour and I also get the benefits of health insurance, pension scheme, unemployment insurance etc., however, no paid vacation or sick leave. Basically, if I don't work, I don't get paid (whether it's because there is no work, or because I'm sick or I'm gone on vacation), but at least I don't have to pay health insurance and I can put a (very) little something into my pension.

So this contract is making me think very hard about my current work and, consequently, my financial situation. At first, it sounds really nice to have a fixed salary every month even when there's not much work but what made me pause is this tidbit about working through weekends, holidays and other overtime work - unpaid. (It happens a lot.) Obviously, I need to dust off my maths skills and calculate the difference but the thought of working without getting paid sounds like, well, bullshit to me. Who wants that?

My work philosophy is (or has been?) to work as little as possible and to keep as much free time for myself and for the things that I WANT to do. However, am I wrong to think like that? To want to have time for myself? Working all the time even with getting paid for it, I don't know if that's the life I want to live. Living to work =/= working to live. I would very welcome the unconditional basic income. (And don't we need that at some point when robots and machines take over almost all work from humans?) That would actually allow me to work by my philosophy. But right now, that is not feasible. And it brings me to this point: money.

At the moment - and I'm not ashamed to say this - I still live (or rather again, since I did move out for a prolonged time for my studies) with my parents, rent-free. Mostly because I still had to pay off my student loan debts and also, because I don't like big cities with the constant sounds of cars and people, and too many people. But my loans are now finally paid off (YAY) and I was thinking of moving out. But moving costs money, my own flat would cost a lot of money. Not only the rent, but also furniture, electricity, water, internet, TV license (no kidding, fucking useless fee imo) and other stuff. The thing is, I don't think either work situations (my current or with the contract) would be able to support me living on my own comfortably, especially anywhere in the close vicinity to my workplace. It reminds me of my sister's friend who showed us her place in LA where she was studying. A bare mattress on the floor, her suitcase as a desk and cardboard boxes for storage. Nothing else in the flat. That's how I would possibly live if I moved out...

It's always about money and that's something I don't always like to think about. I feel like if I had a definite purpose or goal in my life, it would be easier for me not to feel overwhelmed by this. I could just work towards that goal. But I've also learnt that you don't need a goal in life, especially when you're trying to be happy.

Being an adult is so hard =(  and I've been adulting for many years already... I still don't feel ready .___.
But then again, most people just wing it =/ 

Got hacked?

Mar. 9th, 2016 12:05 pm
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Not sure what happened but my LJ got hacked or sth? If you see/saw dozens of Russian posts, sorry about that. I deleted them all except for one because I wasn't sure if LJ needs it to check what happened. I filed a help request, so let's hope they can tell me what happened because strangely, all of the posts were dated 10th March 2016, and as I'm writing this, that date is tomorrow. Another thing is that none of these spam posts were listed under "Recent entries" or "Scheduled entries" in my own dashboard o_O;

Sorry again for the spam, and thanks to [livejournal.com profile] jukebox_csi for sending me a msg about it.
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It's been a while since I posted anything regarding original fics. Unfortunately, I'm not going to add any new this time. Just letting you know that I updated the links since AFF moved domains. Also, a few fics have been removed but my reviews are still on there in case they get reposted somewhere else. If you find more dead links, please let me know.

Master list

Moved from Ongoing -> Complete:
Mafia Runner by Shattered Innocence
Pegasus King by C_Diara

Moved from Complete -> PWP/Smut/Erotica:
Bathhouse by Mereiswen

I will do update with actual recs next time. I actually have some lined up. Just need to write a review ^^;


Jan. 14th, 2016 04:24 pm
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It's 2016! Happy new year!

I've been neglecting my LJ for a while =/  But I've been busy and my life has been mostly uninteresting lol. Well, I did go on vacation to California (and a side trip to Nevada and Arizona to see Las Vegas and the Grand Canyon respectively) in October with my bro and sis. Other than that I got back into knitting, this time socks. My first try but they turned out pretty well XD

Lately, I've been listening to more kpop because I find western pop music to be very boring nowadays. Both structure and melody of the songs aren't as complex as kpop songs. I don't feel challenged =/ Add to that, their dance music videos are amazing. Like how can they move their bodies like that?! Unreal. FYI I'm referring to the boy bands because all the girls do is shake their ass, gyrating their bodies and looking seductive and/or cute >_>;

The horrible thing about getting into kpop is learning about the industry itself. I know that the entertainment industry as a whole is really shitty but at least in the west you have unions to protect the artists. In SKorea that's nonexistent - and so is their health and breaks and vacations and love life and perhaps their sanity. They get worked to the bone without breaks and sleep, constantly moving, constantly being entertaining to the public. If you're interested in hearing more and in more detail, check out the youtube channel "eatyourkimchi". The youtubers live in SKorea and have worked in the entertainment industry for a bit and have friends there.

But even just looking up one band and watching their interviews and bts stuff, you can see how fucked up they live. You see them constantly sleeping/napping somewhere because they're just so exhausted. One band casually tells the viewers how they were basically starved when they were 13/14-year-old trainees and had to live in a rat-infested apartment together. That's child abuse FFS!! Another band is shown living in a 2-room apartment - all 7 of them sleeping in one room, 3 bunk beds and 1 single futon on the floor, 1 bathroom for them all and the other room was basically a storage for their clothes and also laundry. That's what I could make out from the video but JFC that's no way to live! I watched another video of a third band. I think the episode was part of their own show, and at the beginning of it, they were told they would get to go on vacation. The look of surprise, astonishment, utter glee and disbelief was plastered on all of their faces (and that should tell you sth already). But of course there was a catch: They could each choose their destination but a camera team would go with them to film........................... They were still happy about it of course because otherwise, they wouldn't get a vacation, ever.

I admire their talents and skills, their music and works but mostly I feel sorry for them. Being able to follow your dreams and to live out your passion is one thing but working oneself to death for it can't be worth it.

One short note about the Korean fans: I'm sure not all of them are like that but from what I could gather, they are fanatics, like completely crazy fans who will go to any lengths to get the attention of their beloved idol. Stalkers seem to be absolutely common but what really baffles me is how they treat their idols when they aren't "working hard". There's a story about an actress who was so exhausted from filming non-stop that she couldn't stand it anymore, booked a flight to the US for the weekend just to get a break. And the fans attacked her, railed at her for daring to take a break. It's apparently also really common to get an IV drip if an idol faints or collapses during work. They get the drip and are back on set right away. I watched a video of one calling his band member during a show. He asked the other one what he was doing, and the other guy just casually says that he's getting a drip. The reply was sth along the lines of "Ah, I see." How is that not a big deal??

Anyway, somehow this turned into a kpop rant. Well deserved to be honest though.

I hope you all had a good start into the new year.

Until next time!
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I love what you write, your ideas and your passion but for the love of god, run a goddamn spell check on your stories before you post them!

If you don't have a beta reader at hand (and many don't), do yourselves a favour and get your work checked by the programme you write with, like Word which has an excellent auto-correct feature for both spelling AND grammar! Listen, GRAMMAR CHECK! I never really properly appreciated this feature of Word before but now that I'm reading (fan) fiction, it has never been more relevant. It has better grammar than you do. WHY ARE YOU NOT USING IT???

And if you don't have Word, maybe you use the free software OpenOffice. Get this: it has spell check, too! And they're also developing a grammar check. Or perhaps you prefer online tools like Evernote to write. Guess what? SPELL CHECK! Granted, it doesn't correct grammar but killing typos is more than you'd do yourself.

Truth of the matter is that I have stopped reading several stories midway because I couldn't stand the atrocious grammatical errors, typos and mistaken words. It's a damn shame because your stories surely deserve to be read. I also get if your first language isn't English but trust me, you non-English speakers have so much better grammar skills than native speakers. And believe it or not, but you can notice by the mistakes if the writer is a native speaker or not.

So here's a list of things that really make me want to gouge out my eyes:

  • you're / your

  • it's / its

  • then / than

  • would of, could of, should of DO NOT EXIST! And the worst thing is that I've actually read "sort've" instead of "sort of" before... it almost made me cry in frustration

  • plurals of nouns with apostrophe, f.ex. hand's, house's, car's  (WTF?)

  • 3rd person S with apostrophe: he eat's, she love's, it sit's (Srsly, WTF is your problem???)

  • to / too / two (I'm not kidding about the last one)

  • incorrect past participles: he has ate, i have did, we had took  (btw, the one exception I'm trying to get used to because it's also a correct form is "she has proved". But I honestly like "she has proven" a whole lot better.)

  • negation + too = either: "I don't like horses, either."  (maybe too at the end is correct as well but it sounds so wrong to me)

  • adjectives instead of adverbs

  • literally

  • "to not" instead of "not to"

  • whose not who's

These are the ones I could remember from the top of my head. There's probably more ... and that's really sad. I love the internet but it has done shite for grammar, spelling and punctuation.

If you have more such mistakes, leave a comment.

Last but not least, here's something to really fuck with your grammatical sensitivity:

"You're friend say's that your sort've trying too learned grammar proper but the essay's I asked you two right aren't wrote very good. I could of gave you more exercise's so too not mess up in the future, but your more of a hopeless case then I would of thought. I literally pulled out my hair when I red you're essay's. First we need to work on you're basic's through, than you're text won't be riddled with mistake's any more."

Writing this took such effort, my head's hurting now x_x  Btw, there's 31 mistakes in that paragraph. Have fun finding them all lol.
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Wow, I haven't posted anything in a long time. Been busy with work and watching Agents of Shield and Supernatural, lol. But I'll write about that some other time.

After actively consuming manga and anime for 15-16 years, I've come to the realization that either my tastes and standards have changed or manga and anime haven't made any significant developments, or it's both.

The last time I've followed an anime series keenly or even binge-watched was Shingeki no Kyojin (Attack on Titan). Since then (and even a couple of years before SnK) I haven't really had much interest in anime. I have been checking out new releases each season by way of reading summaries and looking at the promotional posters. My impression of most of these shows is troublesome. Too many young schoolgirls in short skirts, big-titted and scantily dressed female warriors, the shy and nerdy male protagonist who has to save the world, the typical quiet boy and quirky girl duo, or the rough boy and quiet girl duo, even the reverse harem anime has no appeal to me anymore.

What is happening?

Clearly, my standards have changed. With all the talk about sexism and the need for feminism, my opinion and views have been influenced heavily. Whereas in the past I wouldn't have bat an eye at bouncing breasts and panty shots, these kinds of things now irritate me more than ever. It's like looking at an incredibly sexist ad from the 50s or 60s. It makes Japan look culturally very backwards, old-fashioned, outdated. Maybe that's still the case, I don't know but I wouldn't doubt it. But even taking this problem aside, the stories can't grip me as they did in the past. Then, anime seemed new and incredibly innovative, progressive, exciting and so different. However, now it's repetitive, inconsistent, boring and mostly consisting of fan service.

Recently, I started watching Knights of Sidonia, a mecha anime, looking promising because I like Nihei Tsutomu's manga series like Blame or Noise. I didn't have much expectation for Sidonia though, and unfortunately, I was proven right. While the general plot is interesting with a strong male lead, other things in the anime seemed lackluster. The CG animation takes much getting used to, supporting characters are exaggerated (the antagonist) or are flat as a piece of paper (all female characters, bar one). Characters' actions and behaviours made me roll my eyes or sigh out loudly more than once - per episode.

Anime and manga keep borrowing clichés and tropes - the same ones - to satisfy the audience's need for its fill of moe, tsundere and yandere and whatnot character types, gratuitous nudity and fan service. It's like they don't know how to do subtle portrayal with depth. The only reason I marathoned Shingeki no Kyojin is because the series is so over-the-top and breaking all stereotypes in a bizarre way with exaggerated emotions. The anime is basically a killing spree, extremely liberal and graphic with its violence; so much so that there is no room for fan service or any of the other clichés. The focus is very much on the plot, characters' developments are tightly tied to it, making SnK an intense experience. But it's probably an exception. Maybe there is another one of the recent years. If there is, please do point me to it.

In the past days, I've also been trying to catch up on manga, mostly BL/yaoi. Oh boy... it's even worse. While I intensely dislike switching in the fanfics I read, I would actually welcome that in BL manga. JFC those stories are riddled with clichés after clichés after clichés. Even in the past, rape/non-con/dub-con, which are quite common in yaoi, have irked me to an extent but now it's just unbearable. The Stockholm Syndrome seems to be a very beloved theme in these manga... Other than that, the themes are always the same: high school students or salarymen or the half-Japanese rich CEO preying on the unsuspecting, innocent, clueless and plain-looking-on-the-first-sight employee or childhood friends reunite and turn lovers or the hobo and the upstanding citizen (who may or may not know each other from the past) or the classic senpai-kouhai relationship or the rich master and his loyal servant or how about the Arabian prince being charmed off his feet by a Japanese tour guide/salaryman? And they all have the typical character types mentioned earlier. What irritates me the most about this are the ratings on mangaupdates. There are ppl who would rate these stories 10/10 when I wouldn't even give them more than 4/10.

I need to read other manga. In fact, I have a bunch of seinen manga on my to-read list. Even shounen manga aren't doing it for me anymore. I'm so immensely grateful that Naruto is finally over. I'm just waiting for Bleach to finally fucking finish because Bleach chapters are like Dragon Ball Z episodes: nothing happens. Bleach chapters are big panels with a character in a cool pose, claiming to be superior, one attack, but OH NO the opponent deflected with an unexpectedly strong attack, more nonsense about being stronger, intense staring, TBC. And then there is One Piece. A never-ending story. Luffy still hasn't found the One Piece after 78 volumes but I'm cutting it some slack because it has proven to be immensely complex for a shounen story. The author is also really smart putting in surprises that aren't just afterthoughts and actually make for interesting story arcs.

Haaah... I know why I read more fanfics now... >_>;
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Do you also hate losing things? I do.
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♫ Happy birthday to me~ ♫ Happy birthday to meee~ ♫ Happy birthday to meee-heee~ ♫ Happy birthday to me~ ♫

I'm sick though, so I will only accept congratulations from afar XD Internet ppl, you're all safe from my nasty viruses ;)
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Soooo... I've haven't written anything here in a while.
But first, Happy New Year, everyone! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

My two brothers and sister were here over the holidays, hence why I've been busy. Let me recount what I've been doing over the past week: Christmas cookies baking marathon from noon till 3 AM in the morning -.- (walnut-marzipan pieces, cinnamon-nuts pieces, earl-grey cookies shaped as cats and teapots lol, coconut macaroons and peanutbutter-chocolate chunks), visiting some good family friends and giving them cookies (hence the baking marathon...), church, watching movies, watching TV shows, watching movies, eating a lot, playing music with my sister, eating, watching movies, etc.

I really did watch a bunch of stuff o_O;
Movies: Edge of Tomorrow (9/10), Boyhood (8/10), The Emperor's New Groove (7.5/10), Oblivion (7/10), Frankenweenie (7/10), The Interview (5.5/10), Don Jon (7.5/10), Only Lovers Left Alive (7/10), How To Train Your Dragon 2 (7/10), Mary and Max (8/10), Monster Uni (6/10), Kotonoha no Niwa (7/10), Saint Oniisan: The Movie (6.5/10)
TV: Marco Polo (8.5/10), Mushishi Zoku Shou (10/10), Natsume Yuujinchou: Itsuka Yuki no Hi ni (8.5/10)

Stuff that I didn't have time to do:
scanlating for GOOC and Entropy, reading my Calvin & Hobbes collection, reading manga, drawing on my tablet, finishing knitting my skirt, starting knitting a sweater..., continuing watching Breaking Bad, working out, sleeping in... building sth with snow (too fluffy at first and now it's just brown sludge -.-)

Watching movies with other ppl is just more fun. Somehow, I always feel like it's a waste for me to go downstairs and put in a movie to watch on our big TV alone. But I guess I've watched enough to tide me over until next Christmas XD

So that's all really. I hope you all had fun and relaxing days over the holidays.

May 2015 be a great and successful year for everyone!
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MRW I finally realize why "cinco de mayo" has always sounded wrong to me and makes me uncomfortable.

Because: "cinco" sounds like the japanese word "chinko" which means penis/cock/dick/whatever-you-want-to-call-that-part-of-a-man's-anatomy-but-pls-don't-call-it-dna-rifle-or-liver-destroyer; and "chinko de mayo" means translated "mayo with dick"...

I, uh... I guess being uncomfortable about that makes sense now ಠ_ಠ;
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I just read this disturbing article about a man sentenced for possessing manga images depicting young girls in revealing and suggestive poses and engaging in sexual acts. You know, the regular ecchi and hentai pics. Read the article. It's worth it. Might make you angry though.

What really disturbs and appals me is that the judge bascially made his decision with the argument "it's close enough, let's lock him up".
What. The. Fuck. That's not how the law should work. As the article points out, the man was sentenced for a thought crime, i.e. nobody was harmed but just thinking about it marks him a criminal. By that logic, they should also lock up all people who are into BDSM for assault and battery because omg, they like to spank and whip people for sexual pleasure! *GASP*

Isn't that great? People, we can pack up. I'm pretty sure reading and owning yaoi or any anime or manga is now a crime (because, you know, fan service...) as well as owning compromising fanart. No, scratch that. Just having thoughts is gonna get you thrown into prison.

Welcome to the 21st century, where thinking is discouraged...
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Because he really needs it... I'm not kidding.

So here's the thing: Yesterday my dad got a letter - a bill, to be precise of over 240€ for allegedly registering at a shopping website (fee for 12 months membership).
I haven't talked to him yet but from what I could find on google, a simple click on their facebook ads will apparently fuck you over like that.

Not too long ago, my sister helped him refute another scam on his mobile phone that charged him 5€ per week(!) because he just clicked on sth.

A few months ago, I had already cancelled another scam on his phone, and guess what? He didn't think anything of the fees that kept getting deducted for weeks!

My dad's not stupid, ok. He's a hard-working, intelligent man but the internet challenges his language skills from time to time. And I know that even you don't stop to read the general terms and conditions, especially not in a language that's not your mothertongue.

Having said that, he's not careful on the internet. At all. His computer is infested with viruses, malware, spyware, trojans and other shit. I already try to regularly clean it up, and I've tried telling him to let anti-virus programs run on a schedule to ensure that his computer will be alright, at least for a while. I've also installed plugins and addons in his browser to give him pointers where he shouldn't click and to protect him from incoming shit. I've told him not to register on any websites that aren't legit. But tbh? Hope's lost. I need to fucking kill his computer and re-install the system to get rid of everything.

...And then my mom tells me not to be so angry and irritated all the time when I have to deal with the aftermath of shit like this.

┻━┻ ︵╰(ಠ益ಠ)╯︵ ┻━┻
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I'm not one to cook or bake a lot but in just a few days, I made two things o_O

Apple chips:
Crispy on the outside, juicy and chewy on the inside =)

Banana bread:
I left it in the oven a bit too long but it still turned out very fluffy and juicy in the middle. Very yummy =)

Also I watched the anime film Ookami Kodomo no Ame to Yuki. I was crying 20 minutes in T__T It was a good movie but unfortunately it falls apart in the last 45 minutes =/ I don't think they knew what they should end it with. It seemed disjointed by the end. I would still recommend it though. 3/4 of the movie was very good. It's just the end that was a little bit disappointing. The artwork is fantastic and the animation very fluid, likeable characters. 8/10

Of all Hosoda Mamoru's movies I've watched, I still like Toki wo Kakeru Shoujo the best. Summer Wars unfortunately also disappointed me at the end.

Oh right, I also finished Free ~Eternal Summer~ and Hunter x Hunter (2011). My reviews I wrote for a forum.

Free ~Eternal Summer~
Why? Because why the fuck not XD I've seen the first season and that was uh, underwhelming? Too much focus on their relationships which was very cringeworthy and sappy. This 2nd season, however, was surprisingly good. It actually focused a lot more on swimming. The characters still had their quirks but at least they had legitimate things to worry about which in turn affected their relationships and swimming, thus giving the plot a better development. I have to add though that they went quite overboard with the fan service. Geez, we get that all those pretty boys in half-naked close-ups (mostly in pairs with twinkles in their eyes as they stare at each other *cough*) are great fodder for yaoi fans but jfc, turn that shit down a bit. Even I was embarrassed watching it at times.
It was ok to watch for a high school slice-of-life. 6.5/10

Hunter x Hunter (2011)
Well, this has been a long ride and it was quite enjoyable. For the first dozen or so episodes I had to get used to the happier mood of this reboot. The first series from 1999 felt grittier and darker, which I actually prefer because HxH is pretty damn violent and brutal. It was nice, however, that the pace was faster and they didn't linger too much on the individual arcs with filler eps. What I was most surprised about was the Ant arc because I remember I didn't like that part in the manga at all. Possibly due to the irregular chapter releases back in the days. The anime did a good job with that arc and I even had to shed a tear at the end.
All in all, it was good. We'll see if they're going to adapt the following arc. The manga is on hiatus again and I'm not liking the story so far. It's nice to see Kurapika again but it's weird without Gon or Killua... 7.5/10
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