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I'm not afraid of spiders, I just find them really nasty and disgusting, much like any kind of spider and insect; and yes, crabs are also kind of disgusting but also delicious.

So yesterday night I was sitting on my bed knitting and waiting for my hair to dry when a big ass spider walked by nonchalantly and just stopped there right in front of me.

Usually I only have Opiliones in my room which have a small round body and long, thin legs. But this one? This one's body was the size of my finger nail with thick legs. Yuck Dx

I needed to get rid of it. Couldn't let it sit there right in front of my bed and having it crawl up into my comforter. I got a transparent glass and trapped it in it. I didn't want to kill it because really, do I want spider juice on my floor? I also accidently ripped off two of its legs in the process... >_>;  Anyway, I fetched a sturdy piece of paper and slipped it underneath the glass to transport it to my window.

Tip: You should always use a see-through glass or cup to watch it. Don't ever lose sight of your enemy ;)
Second tip: Open the window before you transport the spider over.

So with a quick move I slid the glass along the paper to fling the spider away from me; kinda like how you'd light a match.

And that was my nightly visitor and the adventure of how I saved my beauty sleep XD  What had me worried though was that I wasn't sure where it came from and if there were more of them. I hope this was the only one...
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