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Well well well, look who has dragged itself to the finish line.

Teen Wolf season 4 has finally finished, and I'm quite disappointed with this season.

They brought back a villain from season 1 who didn't get to do much at all, not even at the end. Scott is again pretty bland despite his struggles as alpha. It's disturbing how much sex Malia initiates to distract Stiles. Liam, the new beta, is as a character not really there yet. At times, Kira seemed to be reduced to a damsel in distress and I still wonder why she can't use her electricity/fox fire freely... Derek has the most interesting character development imo. Him turning into a real wolf at the end, like his mom could, came unexpected but it didn't surprise me. It was actually a good move of the writers. This was also the only thing that really appealed to me in the season finale. The whole Braeden/Derek thing still doesn't sit well with me because I still don't feel any chemistry between them. (I can totally do without it. Braeden doesn't exactly contribute to Derek's character development. He fights for his friends because he himself wants to. She basically only provides the weapons.) Lydia had a good development, too. She actively tried to find the murderers or the soon-to-be victims, which was good to see after not doing much in s3B.

As for the whole benefector thing... well, it turned out to be pretty much material for the trash bin because Meredith only instigated the deadpool because she listened to Peter's insane rambling after the Hale fire. And then, even Peter doesn't remember it and is basically just as clueless about the whole thing. It'd have been way more interesting if Peter had actually planned it to get to Scott that way but now it just seems like a meaningless plotline because I'm sure that even without the benefector story, he could've gotten to Kate and struck a deal with her one way or the other to get rid of Scott.

On another note, why did Kate have to abduct Derek again? Clearly, at the end we realize that Derek losing his powers wasn't any of Kate's doing. It was his evolution kicking in at an inopportune time, I'd say. So what did she get from him? And what did it do for her? Nothing, afaik. The object for control turned out to be, well, useless as demonstrated by Liam in the finale. And what actually was her plan the whole time? Just stirring up some trouble in Beacon Hills? I doubt it's getting revenge because otherwise she wouldn't have helped Peter out. He is, after all, the one responsible for her s1 death.

I think of all the plotlines in s4 that can be taken for the whole of TW is Scott making a beta, Derek becoming stronger than ever, Malia's mom being a possibly criminal fugitive, and perhaps you can also count Kate still fucking shit up in.

That's really weak. I don't know what they're going to do with season 5 but I sincerely hope the writers will get a break because the writing has been all over the place for the past 2 seasons. I want a coherent story where the plotlines will actually tie up in the end, I want characters developing properly, and I want them to concentrate on finding the Desert Wolf as the main goal with one single but incredibly dangerous threat. I want them to go back to the simpler times of s1 and s2. GAH.

Enough of TW canon. Time for some quality fanfic time. I'll have to indulge myself with wolf!Derek XD


OMG, how did I NOT see this?!
All season long Derek has not worn his signature leather jacket but in the finale he did BECAUSE

mid-season vs. finale

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Last week I started watching Breaking Bad. So far I've finished s1 and it was awesome. I can understand why people love this show so much. Brilliantly written, great characters and intriguing and exciting plot. Bryan Cranston is amazing in this. But so is Aaron Paul.

If this show had been around when I was in school, I'd probably have put more effort into my chemistry class lol. Not because of the drugs, ok? ಠ_ಠ Because science.

I have to start s2 soon but in the meantime, I've started another series which I'll write a little bit about next time when I've finished s1 of that lol.


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