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Three weeks in and I'm already exhausted, constantly tired, stressed and now I've finally caught a cold. I think my body is telling me subtly that I'm overdoing it. I wonder how I did it a few years ago. It wasn't any more or less work than now.

I just hope my body will get used to being active again.

On a side note, if anyone is interested, I've stalled any scanlation work for GOOC atm because I'm editing stuff for Entropy's upcoming 8th anniversary. Stay tuned for that. We got some good stuff lined up =) Btw, Entropy's main website is down right now because the domain expired and we can't re-buy it apparently. It'll be a few months until the domain is out on the market again. Until then, you can go to http://entropy-manga.info. It's currently redirecting to our emergency blog because there's a problem with linking the actual website to the new domain -.-;
Anyway, after that I'll hopefully be able to do more for GOOC after that.
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To any readers of scanlations who has stumbled upon this blog. READ THIS. Highly recommended.
It explains clearly the ownership rights issue in the whole scanlation sphere + nice graphics ;)

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Feb. 5th, 2012 01:19 am
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Every single group is looking for typesetters/editors. And I want to help!! GRRRR! Me and my stupid goodwill. Geez... Someone's gotta inject me with a serum for evilness and coldheartedness...
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19.04 has posted a really interesting article about DMG. It's worth every second of your time, so read it.

When I first heard about it, this whole thing really didn't sit well with me. Something about it was just too shady. Now I know why... Apart from the money issue, even if I were a die-hard scanlator with a big big heart for yaoi, I just don't work on anything and everything. There's plenty of bs among BL manga that I wouldn't dare touch. What can I say... STFU & GTFO DMG. You're ruining what is a good idea and what could've become a potentially good business for everyone.
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I think you should take a break if you start making fun of the manga you're currently working on. Like citing the dialogue out loud in funny voices, or screaming at your screen that they should get on with the sex already... etc.

*rolls eyes*
Definitely need a break... NOW.
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Recently on IRC:

<terracannon876> btw ica
> yes?
<terracannon876> weeeeirdness, but one of my (former) classmates knew you
<terracannon876> from scanslations
> what??
<terracannon876> i found it hilarious
> who?
<terracannon876> i think it was by proxy
<terracannon876> so you wouldn't know her
<terracannon876> XD
> oh ok... but wow. why would someone remember me? XD
<terracannon876> but i was like 'oh i work for entropy" and she was like "I KNOW ICA"
<terracannon876> and i was like O_____O
<terracannon876> i think she knew you from your own group
> really? o___O
<terracannon876> XD
<terracannon876> small world~
> woah XDDD
<terracannon876> it was weird =|
> lol. i somehow feel flattered that someone remembers me
<terracannon876> XD
<terracannon876> you...have a memorable name?

I didn't think anyone I didn't have any contact with would remember me, even if only because of my nick name, haha.
Fyi that person was staff with Bliss Scanlations but I really didn't know her.
What a small world we live in.

Hahaha... XD
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If you don't know it yet, here's a short summary of recent (or not so recent) events:

MangaFox - known for respecting scanlators' sharing policies (more or less) - and MangaHere - known for brutally ripping out credits pages, adding theri own watermark, disrespecting groups' sharing policies and claiming the scanlations as their own - are both owned by the same person (and he's making a ton of money...).
Apparently, a mod at MangaUpdates is actively uploading releases to all kinds of online reading platforms, including MF and MH, immediately after approving release updates on MU. He is the 2nd most active uploader on MF with more than 7000 titles.

So far, MU has not taken any severe actions against this mod. Also, I don't know the situation on either MF or MH but it seems they're getting shitloads of complaints by all kinds of scanlators (for a long time now anyway).

As a scanlator, I'm absolutely appalled and am really sad by this but also by the attitude of some readers. Maybe it's about time to call it quits. It's been long over since the community has been nice and friendly and when scanlating was still fun. If you think that groups that close down because of this are stupid for doing so, well, just GFY.
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This is bugging me a lot and I want to know your opinions.

Afaik DMP licensed a stash of yaoi manga for e-books.
My questions are:
- Will you or did you buy the kindle (or any other e-reader) just to read them?
- Do you want scanlators to continue with their work despite the project(s) being licensed - albeit only as e-books?

In all honesty, I don't give a fuck about e-books. I've read some porn on my ipod touch (because it was for free, lol) and am not impressed. Granted the kindle & co. have a bigger screen and the lighting is much easier on the eyes but is it really worth buying? I don't see any reason for me to throw out money for ANOTHER device in order to read manga... (and I only rarely read other books, so there's that too) Your experience?

I know it sounds paradox that I'm totally against e-books while being an avid reader of scanlations but just the mere thought of buying yet another device gets me mad. I can very well read my manga on my computer. So I already DO HAVE a device for e-books. Also, I just checked the capacity of the kindle. It supposedly stores around 3500 books. Now I don't know how big a file - let's say a Stephen King book might be. But a manga is probably bigger right? It's got mainly pictures and is not only in straight black/white. Add to that, manga are only released in chapters, so keeping whole volumes is not gonna happen. What do you do if the storage capacity of your reader is full? There are apparently ways to hack the DRM on the kindle files but only one of two file types could be hacked so far. Well...

Btw, the only time I'd ever seriously want to buy e-books is for research like science/academic books and magazines because these are so expensive and heavy/big as paper versions. Most of the time I really want to use Ctrl+F when I'm reading them... -__-
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Lately, I've really started disliking - no, hating unresized scanlation pages. Why the fuck can't they resize the freakin' pages?! Doing it manually takes maybe 3-5 seconds, and if you automate this action for all pages, it'll be done in a few minutes.

So why don't any of the new smaller groups do this? I don't know. It may sound mean but I think it's just incompetence. Granted those ppl might be new to this whole business but seriously, if they have read any scanlations before, why the FUCK don't they do what is common with all the other releases. If they want to leave it bigger than the usual stuff (which ranges from 650-800 px), then sure go ahead but DO NOT fucking leave it at the original raw size of 1600+ x 2400+ px! This is absolutely crazy and not handy at all unless you read it on some big-ass screen. Dear fellow scanlators, please consider your dear readers' technical equipment and the general READABILITY because not everyone's screen resolution is big enough to be able to read your scanlations without excessive scrolling and/or having to rescale.

Of course, I don't know if anyone else cares about this and I'm sure quite a lot of ppl just want to get their manga fix but unfortunately, I give a shit - more than I should. But it hurts my scanlator's heart and aesthetics to see such (sometimes) disastrous results released.

Speaking of resizing pages, some ppl seem to think they can resize the page after having done the typesetting. DO NOT DO THAT! While it might be still OK to make it 100 px smaller, don't do it when the original dimensions are way bigger than what you want to resize it to. If you do, it can fuck up your typesetting big times. What you might have perceived as good on the big scans, might suddenly not look so good on the downsized page. The letter spacing could be too small now, the line spacing could be too big now, the font size could be too small, the fonts could look pixelated etc. Remember: Resizing comes AFTER cleaning and redrawing but BEFORE typesetting.
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I wanted to rant about how scanlation releases nowadays are way too big but don't really feel like writing about it anymore because nobody will bother with it anyway...

However, a couple of words... )


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