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So, I got to talk with my sister about British actor Benedict Cumberbatch. If you don't know him, google him. Great actor, charming and funny guy and such a gentleman.

When you see his face, you're probably like: Wow, uh, what an ... interesting face...? o_O; My sister and I discussed his features, why he looked so "alien" (for lack of a better word). I once read an article about his looks and they wrote that the individual parts of his face looked fine but when you put them together, they just don't add up really. We checked out his parents and they were both very attractive people in the past. Now you might've heard of this theory that two beautiful people have relatively ugly children (don't wanna insult anyone; the kids just don't look as good as either of their parents). I speculated that that's probably the case when you have sth like a 50/50 ratio of both mother and father. You get great individual features but mixed together, they suddenly don't work anymore because they don't harmonise with each other enough. I think the best results are when the kids look more like one of their parents, so sth like a 70/30 or 80/20 ratio is preferred. F.ex. you look like your mother but the one thing that's different is the lips. It just adds a little spice to an otherwise already attractive face.

Now back to Mr. Cumberbatch. My sis and I tried to figure out what of his face exactly didn't feel in sync with the rest. So I had the idea to "fix" his features in photoshop, just to get a glimpse of what his face would look like according to common beauty standards.

Don't get me wrong. I dearly love Benedict Cumberbatch and I'm not trying to insult him in any way by doing this. You will realise at the end of this post that this little experiment actually fortifies that the way he looks is completely and utterly perfect (at least to me XD).
Btw, I will NOT post the pic of his photoshopped face here or anywhere else - ever. I don't want it to be taken out of context and I don't want ppl (i.e. the cumbercollective) come knocking on my door bitching how I dare to try to change the way he looks because they couldn't bother to read this post.

The Experiment

What I slightly changed were only three things:
- shortening his chin
- drawing his brows more together
- lengthening his nose
And wow, it really wasn't much I did but it changed his look a lot.

Let me explain why I chose those exact three parts.
Chin: Benedict's face is actually quite long. He has a high forehead and imo he looks best when his hair casually falls into his forehead. But that isn't much of a problem. What looks off, however, is his chin. The gap between his lower lip and the bump of his chin is pretty wide compared to other people. Shortening it marginally had the effect that his face lost some of its length.

Brows: Ppl say that he looks like an alien because they think his eyes are too far apart. But they are not. The rule is that a third eye should fit between the eyes to look normal. You can check if you're curious. His eyes really are the right distance from each other. But what seems to bring about this illusion then? The answer is his eyebrows. His brows don't start where his nose bridge is; they start a little later, closer to the eyes. Which is why his eyes look like they're too far apart. The ladies will know that when you pluck your eyebrows, you're not supposed to pluck away too much in the middle, only until the brow hits the outer line of the nose bridge.

Nose: His nose is actually completely fine. It's straight and the right size for his face. But why did I lengthen it? Because his philtrum (gap between nose and lips) is very wide. I also had the option of enlarging his upper lip or draw it up more but I felt that his lips' shape was so distinct that I'd have probably made him into a completely different person if I had changed it. So nose it was.


I honestly didn't know what to expect but it kind of surprised me. The result still looked like him but just ... smoother, more in harmony, definitely attractive - but in an utterly boring way. The "new" Benedict looked like any other average person and you wouldn't even look at him twice. When I put the before and after pics side by side, it hit both my sis and me that we linger on his real face a lot longer than on his made face. And THAT's really the clinch here. We can't help looking at his face because of these really tiny imperfections. They keep our eyes wandering over his face to find the harmony that'll put our brain at ease. It's like chasing a small animal. We see it around the bushes but before we get there, it's already gone and is sitting somewhere else. This is what makes Benedict's face so fascinating.
Also, I think his face suits his personality a whole lot better than my photoshop version. Mind you, I don't know what he's really like up close but from what I could gather from interviews etc., his features highlight his character; they give him a bit of an edge (which consequently makes everyone swoon and drool XD).

So there you go. Benedict Cumberbatch looks perfectly imperfect the way he is ;D


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