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Wow, I haven't posted anything in a long time. Been busy with work and watching Agents of Shield and Supernatural, lol. But I'll write about that some other time.

After actively consuming manga and anime for 15-16 years, I've come to the realization that either my tastes and standards have changed or manga and anime haven't made any significant developments, or it's both.

The last time I've followed an anime series keenly or even binge-watched was Shingeki no Kyojin (Attack on Titan). Since then (and even a couple of years before SnK) I haven't really had much interest in anime. I have been checking out new releases each season by way of reading summaries and looking at the promotional posters. My impression of most of these shows is troublesome. Too many young schoolgirls in short skirts, big-titted and scantily dressed female warriors, the shy and nerdy male protagonist who has to save the world, the typical quiet boy and quirky girl duo, or the rough boy and quiet girl duo, even the reverse harem anime has no appeal to me anymore.

What is happening?

Clearly, my standards have changed. With all the talk about sexism and the need for feminism, my opinion and views have been influenced heavily. Whereas in the past I wouldn't have bat an eye at bouncing breasts and panty shots, these kinds of things now irritate me more than ever. It's like looking at an incredibly sexist ad from the 50s or 60s. It makes Japan look culturally very backwards, old-fashioned, outdated. Maybe that's still the case, I don't know but I wouldn't doubt it. But even taking this problem aside, the stories can't grip me as they did in the past. Then, anime seemed new and incredibly innovative, progressive, exciting and so different. However, now it's repetitive, inconsistent, boring and mostly consisting of fan service.

Recently, I started watching Knights of Sidonia, a mecha anime, looking promising because I like Nihei Tsutomu's manga series like Blame or Noise. I didn't have much expectation for Sidonia though, and unfortunately, I was proven right. While the general plot is interesting with a strong male lead, other things in the anime seemed lackluster. The CG animation takes much getting used to, supporting characters are exaggerated (the antagonist) or are flat as a piece of paper (all female characters, bar one). Characters' actions and behaviours made me roll my eyes or sigh out loudly more than once - per episode.

Anime and manga keep borrowing clichés and tropes - the same ones - to satisfy the audience's need for its fill of moe, tsundere and yandere and whatnot character types, gratuitous nudity and fan service. It's like they don't know how to do subtle portrayal with depth. The only reason I marathoned Shingeki no Kyojin is because the series is so over-the-top and breaking all stereotypes in a bizarre way with exaggerated emotions. The anime is basically a killing spree, extremely liberal and graphic with its violence; so much so that there is no room for fan service or any of the other clichés. The focus is very much on the plot, characters' developments are tightly tied to it, making SnK an intense experience. But it's probably an exception. Maybe there is another one of the recent years. If there is, please do point me to it.

In the past days, I've also been trying to catch up on manga, mostly BL/yaoi. Oh boy... it's even worse. While I intensely dislike switching in the fanfics I read, I would actually welcome that in BL manga. JFC those stories are riddled with clichés after clichés after clichés. Even in the past, rape/non-con/dub-con, which are quite common in yaoi, have irked me to an extent but now it's just unbearable. The Stockholm Syndrome seems to be a very beloved theme in these manga... Other than that, the themes are always the same: high school students or salarymen or the half-Japanese rich CEO preying on the unsuspecting, innocent, clueless and plain-looking-on-the-first-sight employee or childhood friends reunite and turn lovers or the hobo and the upstanding citizen (who may or may not know each other from the past) or the classic senpai-kouhai relationship or the rich master and his loyal servant or how about the Arabian prince being charmed off his feet by a Japanese tour guide/salaryman? And they all have the typical character types mentioned earlier. What irritates me the most about this are the ratings on mangaupdates. There are ppl who would rate these stories 10/10 when I wouldn't even give them more than 4/10.

I need to read other manga. In fact, I have a bunch of seinen manga on my to-read list. Even shounen manga aren't doing it for me anymore. I'm so immensely grateful that Naruto is finally over. I'm just waiting for Bleach to finally fucking finish because Bleach chapters are like Dragon Ball Z episodes: nothing happens. Bleach chapters are big panels with a character in a cool pose, claiming to be superior, one attack, but OH NO the opponent deflected with an unexpectedly strong attack, more nonsense about being stronger, intense staring, TBC. And then there is One Piece. A never-ending story. Luffy still hasn't found the One Piece after 78 volumes but I'm cutting it some slack because it has proven to be immensely complex for a shounen story. The author is also really smart putting in surprises that aren't just afterthoughts and actually make for interesting story arcs.

Haaah... I know why I read more fanfics now... >_>;
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I just read this disturbing article about a man sentenced for possessing manga images depicting young girls in revealing and suggestive poses and engaging in sexual acts. You know, the regular ecchi and hentai pics. Read the article. It's worth it. Might make you angry though.

What really disturbs and appals me is that the judge bascially made his decision with the argument "it's close enough, let's lock him up".
What. The. Fuck. That's not how the law should work. As the article points out, the man was sentenced for a thought crime, i.e. nobody was harmed but just thinking about it marks him a criminal. By that logic, they should also lock up all people who are into BDSM for assault and battery because omg, they like to spank and whip people for sexual pleasure! *GASP*

Isn't that great? People, we can pack up. I'm pretty sure reading and owning yaoi or any anime or manga is now a crime (because, you know, fan service...) as well as owning compromising fanart. No, scratch that. Just having thoughts is gonna get you thrown into prison.

Welcome to the 21st century, where thinking is discouraged...
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To any readers of scanlations who has stumbled upon this blog. READ THIS. Highly recommended.
It explains clearly the ownership rights issue in the whole scanlation sphere + nice graphics ;)

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More info: MU
Attention: I'm summarizing manga only for practice purposes and because I don't have time and proper raws to make quality scanlations of them. Do NOT use my summaries to attempt to make your own scanlations!
Also: I will never post the raws here. So, don't ask for them. The internet is big. Seek and you shall find =P

Have fun reading!

Recipe no Ouji-sama ch1 )
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Yesterday I was reading Ijiwaru na Kuchibiru by Sakurai Ryou. It's her first publication I think and I also bought it (surprisingly because I actually don't like buying one-shot collection books. The quality of each story usually differs too much but Sakurai's works are great in this one.)
What I came to realise was that the reason why I didn't buy any other of her books is because of the art*... imho her drawing style in Ijiwaru na Kuchibiru was at its best. Very expressive, detailed, elegant and her SDs are really funny. But when I went to read Koakuma no Sanctuary I was almost disappointed. There's only 2 years inbetween the works but her style changed quite a bit. It became simpler, maybe chunky and quite stiff... I haven't read anything from 2010/2011 by her but judging from the covers her characters look softer, much rounder now (f.ex. the chins don't looks as sharp as before).

I know that drawing styles can change a lot over the years but do you have any (favourite) mangaka whose "new" drawing style kinda ruined it for you?

*Don't get me started on the stories...
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Lately, I've really started disliking - no, hating unresized scanlation pages. Why the fuck can't they resize the freakin' pages?! Doing it manually takes maybe 3-5 seconds, and if you automate this action for all pages, it'll be done in a few minutes.

So why don't any of the new smaller groups do this? I don't know. It may sound mean but I think it's just incompetence. Granted those ppl might be new to this whole business but seriously, if they have read any scanlations before, why the FUCK don't they do what is common with all the other releases. If they want to leave it bigger than the usual stuff (which ranges from 650-800 px), then sure go ahead but DO NOT fucking leave it at the original raw size of 1600+ x 2400+ px! This is absolutely crazy and not handy at all unless you read it on some big-ass screen. Dear fellow scanlators, please consider your dear readers' technical equipment and the general READABILITY because not everyone's screen resolution is big enough to be able to read your scanlations without excessive scrolling and/or having to rescale.

Of course, I don't know if anyone else cares about this and I'm sure quite a lot of ppl just want to get their manga fix but unfortunately, I give a shit - more than I should. But it hurts my scanlator's heart and aesthetics to see such (sometimes) disastrous results released.

Speaking of resizing pages, some ppl seem to think they can resize the page after having done the typesetting. DO NOT DO THAT! While it might be still OK to make it 100 px smaller, don't do it when the original dimensions are way bigger than what you want to resize it to. If you do, it can fuck up your typesetting big times. What you might have perceived as good on the big scans, might suddenly not look so good on the downsized page. The letter spacing could be too small now, the line spacing could be too big now, the font size could be too small, the fonts could look pixelated etc. Remember: Resizing comes AFTER cleaning and redrawing but BEFORE typesetting.
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I wanted to rant about how scanlation releases nowadays are way too big but don't really feel like writing about it anymore because nobody will bother with it anyway...

However, a couple of words... )
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I've been wondering about this for a while now. Why do Japanese or at least yaoi mangaka think that kissing is a greeting in the west? Especially a kiss on the lips between two men o_O 

While kissing as a greeting is indeed a proper custom throughout many parts of the world the actual act seldomly involves the lips. Usually, you would exchange kisses on the cheeks with friends, family. Also on special occasions like a formal party when you meet new people. Kissing small children on the forehead (or any other part of the face) is a sign of affection. In religion, a kiss on the cheek is to show respect as well as a kiss on the ring of f.ex. the pope and/or on the hand with royality. I've seen only one instance where two grown men kissed on the lips as a greeting and that's the one between Brezhnev and Honecker. Apparently, in the Slavic countries this practice isn't so unusual.

I'm not sure whoever came up with the idea that kissing on the lips among men as a greeting is common but I can't help but laugh about it every time I see it in a yaoi manga XD
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Recently groups have been updating their policies and there was also a part about not uploading to youtube.

My question is: Who the fuck "reads" manga on youtube??

Seriously. Who does that? That's one of the stupidest things. If you think it's an "upgrade" of a slide show, then it's just ridiculous. First of all, I don't know anyone who reads their manga in slide show mode. Don't you want to take your time and enjoy the pictures, too? The amount of text also differs from page to page, why the heck would you want to have to think while reading: OMG! I gotta read this page before the next pic comes. You'd have to pause the slide show. The same with a youtube vid.

Also, I've never watched any of those vids (I refuse to) so I'm not sure if there is any but I'm most certain that the ppl put music under the vids. Now here's the thing: Not everyone likes the same music. Just because they think it fits so well with the manga, they soooo need to have everyone listen to it. Wrong. I got my own idea of music when I read manga.

You know, it'd be a whole different matter if someone actually took the trouble to make a sort of animation out of the manga. ...actually, that'd be pretty cool o.o

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I'm telling you, I FUCKING HATE GIRLS/WOMEN IN MANGA (and anime)!!!

Insidious, nasty, obnoxious bitches! Or stupid, naive, dense good-for-nothings!


Seriously, I wouldn't mind a manga/anime with only guys in it. That's also the reason why I hate harem anime soooo much >__<  

I don't know why I've come to hate female characters so much in the past couple of years. It's just unbearable now to read on with such a dislikable character in the story. I've probably read too many stories already... all my own ones rarely feature any female characters, which is not that good since it's lacking a bit of a twist then... never mind.

Anyway, I'll try to finish this story now... my wish is always for such a nasty female to die. Unfortunately, the story I'm reading is rather innocent so it's very unlikely for a murder to occur. Maybe a traffic accident would do but that's still too severe...

Geez... the main character in this manga is also way too dense for god's sake... it almost hurts having to read his stupidity =__=*

Ican't believe what I'm reading! I seriously want to punch this fucking bitch in her ugly face!!!! Bash her head with this tiny mouth that seems to know only the most fucked up words INTO A FUCKING WALL!!!! DAMN! I SO WANT TO SEE HER "§%$=$§%)AWE=%($§ DEAD!!!!!!

I hope I'll never have to meet such a person ... because I'd feel bad for her since I'd have to give her an instant death blow, RAWR!!!!
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I've finally finished this Viewfinder wallpaper! ^o^

x-posted to [livejournal.com profile] yamane_ayano [livejournal.com profile] club_sion [livejournal.com profile] icassop 

Check out for yourself )
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Ok... it's been a while.
So I'll make it short.

I bought a graphic tablet a few weeks ago and yesterday I finally got around to work with it properly.

Beware... )
Comments are welcome ^^

P.S.: Uuh, I know that in one of the older posts, I'd wanted to color another character from Koisuru Boukun (The Tyrant fell in love). I did start on it but I haven't finished it yet. And I also don't know if I'll ever finish it at all... we'll see.

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Well, hello again~
It's been a while but who cares =P

Anyway, I can't really come up with anything proper to write about. I've only been studying and studying and studying and screwing up my exams meanwhile xD  Well, maybe I can talk about my long-awaited summer holiday starting this August! *___*  I want to do soooo many things but I know I won't do half of them. But I'll at least try to, like editing 2 chapters for Entropy, one complete volume for Boxer&Rice, 2 or 3 volumes for my own group and... studying Japanese because there's this Japanese Languages Proficiency Test in December that I have to take. Well, well, a lot is planned but I'm really looking forward to doing some editing =D I'm such a workaholic... But I'll also try to relax a bit 'cause I want to read Lord of the Rings (at last...). I've already started but haven't gotten very far yet. I'll have plenty of time in my summer holiday. 2 1/2 months <_<;;; I should be able to finish my plans.

So... I have a recommendation for everyone who reads manga, or in this case manhwa, and is fan of shounen-ai: Read Totally Captivated by Hajin Yoo!!! It's relased by netcomics.com, online (0.25$/chapter) and as book (9.99$/volume). I bought volume 1 and 2 a week ago and I love it soooo much. It's funny, with gorgeous guys, and a good plot ^o^

Hm, that's all for now... Till next time! And wish me luck for my exams, still lotsa left >__<
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Here I am again, writing useless crap...

Atm, I really want to do so many things at once, like watching anime (lotsa series...), reading manga, editing manga, making a website, learning kanji, practising writing in Japanese... and there a few more things I want to do. But you see, time can't be extended. It's a fixed unit. And there's also sleep... being sleep-deprived is no good 'cause you won't be able to do anything at all then.
Now, I could choose from all those "wants" but I'm really bad at deciding, so I end up doing totally different things. *sigh* A real dilemma.

Tomorrow I'm going back to my parents' place. Fortunately (or unfortunately?), they won't be home over the weekend. That'll leave us (my sister, my brother and me) alone and I can clean up my computer at home. I bought an external harddrive to transfer all my stuff to it. (I've mentioned that my dad moved my computer downstairs...)

Have you noticed? It's getting warmer, at least here in Europe. And I don't like that... kirai yo~~ (-o-)'  I need a few new tops/t-shirts. My older ones are too short and they totally look stupid on me >__<   Aaah... ~  natsu ga kirai yoooooo~~~~~~

P.S.: I find Shun still sooooo hot  *points at avatar*

My blog

Apr. 24th, 2008 06:18 pm
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Hey ppl!

As you see, I changed my blog title. Don't ask me why i named it "~jellyfish~ Inc."  Really, I dunno xD It sounds kinda cool, hehe. And: the subtitle is "Another useless blog...". It is, isn't it? I mean, seriously, who reads my blog... There are millions of other blogs on the internet. Who reads all those?? It's pretty much a ton of crap, don't you think?

Ok, actually, I don't know what I should be writing right now. I'm sitting in my seminar again and my lecturer is only explaining some stuff I already know... so I'm fairly bored =o=' 

Aaah... I'm hungry.. really hungry. I've been in university since 2 p.m., and this seminar is until 8 p.m.  *cries*  Hungry~~~ Huu~~ngry~~ T___T I should've brought some food along... =___='  Next time...

I feel a little guilty because I should edit something for a friend. Actually, it's only 1 chapter and it's only the typesetting... lazy lazy lazy.... *sighs* Maybe this weekend. That'll be a big surprise for him then because he told me to do it during my summer break xD

Ok, I dunno what to write anymore... oh! My sister made her own blog... *lol* another useless blog XD  Well, you might as well check out hers, too: http://dangerbananas.blogspot.com
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Yesterday I was reading Eyeshield 21 ch201-274 and
If I ever finish all the scanlation stuff for GooC, I'll most probably head over to Fucking-Manga and ask for a position as typesetter for ES21 xD  Well, I do hope that they'll still be scanlating it then ;___; 
Even if you're not into American football, it's so much fun reading it. And the characters are really <3~
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I'm reading another Miyamoto Kano manga right now and somehow I get the feeling that the stories keep repeating themselves. Don't get me wrong, it's not bad but it gets boring after some time. Though I have to say that this time the seme looks really good. I like his hair style ^^

A few days ago, I made two wallpapers for my new monitor. I can't use my 1024x768 wallies anymore =(
They are 1440x900 px and feature xxxHoLic and Tainaka Sachi, a singer (if you watch Seirei no Moribito, you'll know her from the ED song).

Go get them! )
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Hmm... I re-read Innocent Bird yesterday and...

In any case, I recommend this manga, especially if you're sick of PWP yaoi manga <.<'  and the art is very beautiful + lots of bishis *__*
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Here's a colouring from the manga Koisuru Bo-kun (The tyrant who fall in love) by Takanaga Hinako. The pic is featuring Tetsuhiro Morinaga aka the seme XD I hope you like it ^^

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

I'm also going to colour Souichi Tatsumi soon... ô_ô


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