Jul. 24th, 2008 01:08 pm
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I passed all my Japanese exams! =D
Now there are still only two to go in my second field of study *sighs deeply*

Wish me luck! ^o^
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Urgh... yesterday one of my classmates forced me to drink vodka mixed with candy. That was soooooo sweet and really nasty. I think I won't ever drink that yucky stuff again (>o<)  I don't understand how the other girls can find that "drink" yummy...
Btw, speaking of alcohol, I realised I can't hold my liquor at all. Just that one small sip made my head ache o_O;  I can't - or rather I'm not allowed to drink alcohol anyway.

Right now, I'm looking for an electronic dictionary Japanese/German. My tutor has one by Casio but it costs a lot (58.000 Yen). And I don't think I can get one in Germany... maybe on ebay o.O  Well, I'll search some more. With luck, I might find it after all xD  At least I do hope so... (ó.ò)

Anyone watching Code Geass R2? OMG, the latest episode (ep 9) ...! I...
Spoiler )

That's all for now. I don't want to rant about my studies again ^^' It's getting annoying, I know ;P

I passed!

Jun. 5th, 2008 06:04 pm
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I passed my Japanese exam!! ^o^
Ain't that great xD
Ok... I barely made the kanji test... it was tough for me 'cause I kinda started too late with the studying...

Speaking of which, I realised I'm not that great at learning languages. My English is pretty good - fine. But I'm only this good because I started to read English texts on the internet very soon. Whereas my French totally sucks. It was only 3 years at school but I really messed up my third year. Ok, I didn't like the language so much to begin with but I could have done better. My guess is: if I don't use the languages actively, they'll start to rot or will never really "develop" properly.
So, let's hope I can put my Japanese knowledge to use here and there....
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Yaaah... greetings folks!

I'm sitting in my Thursday course again. Thank God it's really cool in this room unlike outside where it's so fucking hot and sticky with the dry wind whipping you in the face (esp. on the bike...).

Tomorrow I'm going to take my first exam in Japanese this semester. Baah... I really have the feeling that it won't be any good although I'm really studying hard... *sigh*  I just hope it won't be too difficult.

Enough of that..............

Guess what? I watched the Eurovision Song Contest last weekend and I was totally impressed by the Turkish contribution. It was "Deli" by Mor ve Ötesi. "Deli" is a great rock song, really cool =)  So I searched on youtube for other songs.  I'm kinda a fan of their music now ^^  They remind me a little bit of other Japanese rock bands. The normal Japanese rock bands, not the VK metal/eroguro/whatnot bands <_<'
All in all, the ESC was really bad.... not worth wasting one's time for... (but I did... *lol*)
Well, check out "Deli" if you have time ^.~
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Here I am again, writing useless crap...

Atm, I really want to do so many things at once, like watching anime (lotsa series...), reading manga, editing manga, making a website, learning kanji, practising writing in Japanese... and there a few more things I want to do. But you see, time can't be extended. It's a fixed unit. And there's also sleep... being sleep-deprived is no good 'cause you won't be able to do anything at all then.
Now, I could choose from all those "wants" but I'm really bad at deciding, so I end up doing totally different things. *sigh* A real dilemma.

Tomorrow I'm going back to my parents' place. Fortunately (or unfortunately?), they won't be home over the weekend. That'll leave us (my sister, my brother and me) alone and I can clean up my computer at home. I bought an external harddrive to transfer all my stuff to it. (I've mentioned that my dad moved my computer downstairs...)

Have you noticed? It's getting warmer, at least here in Europe. And I don't like that... kirai yo~~ (-o-)'  I need a few new tops/t-shirts. My older ones are too short and they totally look stupid on me >__<   Aaah... ~  natsu ga kirai yoooooo~~~~~~

P.S.: I find Shun still sooooo hot  *points at avatar*


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