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This is bugging me a lot and I want to know your opinions.

Afaik DMP licensed a stash of yaoi manga for e-books.
My questions are:
- Will you or did you buy the kindle (or any other e-reader) just to read them?
- Do you want scanlators to continue with their work despite the project(s) being licensed - albeit only as e-books?

In all honesty, I don't give a fuck about e-books. I've read some porn on my ipod touch (because it was for free, lol) and am not impressed. Granted the kindle & co. have a bigger screen and the lighting is much easier on the eyes but is it really worth buying? I don't see any reason for me to throw out money for ANOTHER device in order to read manga... (and I only rarely read other books, so there's that too) Your experience?

I know it sounds paradox that I'm totally against e-books while being an avid reader of scanlations but just the mere thought of buying yet another device gets me mad. I can very well read my manga on my computer. So I already DO HAVE a device for e-books. Also, I just checked the capacity of the kindle. It supposedly stores around 3500 books. Now I don't know how big a file - let's say a Stephen King book might be. But a manga is probably bigger right? It's got mainly pictures and is not only in straight black/white. Add to that, manga are only released in chapters, so keeping whole volumes is not gonna happen. What do you do if the storage capacity of your reader is full? There are apparently ways to hack the DRM on the kindle files but only one of two file types could be hacked so far. Well...

Btw, the only time I'd ever seriously want to buy e-books is for research like science/academic books and magazines because these are so expensive and heavy/big as paper versions. Most of the time I really want to use Ctrl+F when I'm reading them... -__-


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