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LOL, it's been so long since I last posted here. I guess nobody actually reads anything here anymore. But it's kinda hard making a blog interesting for other people. Not that I would be giving it some effort anyway, haha.

So... what am I gonna do with this blog. Hm, I guess it's good enough for random stuff... random...

Ah, well, we'll see ^^

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Apr. 24th, 2008 06:18 pm
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Hey ppl!

As you see, I changed my blog title. Don't ask me why i named it "~jellyfish~ Inc."  Really, I dunno xD It sounds kinda cool, hehe. And: the subtitle is "Another useless blog...". It is, isn't it? I mean, seriously, who reads my blog... There are millions of other blogs on the internet. Who reads all those?? It's pretty much a ton of crap, don't you think?

Ok, actually, I don't know what I should be writing right now. I'm sitting in my seminar again and my lecturer is only explaining some stuff I already know... so I'm fairly bored =o=' 

Aaah... I'm hungry.. really hungry. I've been in university since 2 p.m., and this seminar is until 8 p.m.  *cries*  Hungry~~~ Huu~~ngry~~ T___T I should've brought some food along... =___='  Next time...

I feel a little guilty because I should edit something for a friend. Actually, it's only 1 chapter and it's only the typesetting... lazy lazy lazy.... *sighs* Maybe this weekend. That'll be a big surprise for him then because he told me to do it during my summer break xD

Ok, I dunno what to write anymore... oh! My sister made her own blog... *lol* another useless blog XD  Well, you might as well check out hers, too: http://dangerbananas.blogspot.com


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