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I love what you write, your ideas and your passion but for the love of god, run a goddamn spell check on your stories before you post them!

If you don't have a beta reader at hand (and many don't), do yourselves a favour and get your work checked by the programme you write with, like Word which has an excellent auto-correct feature for both spelling AND grammar! Listen, GRAMMAR CHECK! I never really properly appreciated this feature of Word before but now that I'm reading (fan) fiction, it has never been more relevant. It has better grammar than you do. WHY ARE YOU NOT USING IT???

And if you don't have Word, maybe you use the free software OpenOffice. Get this: it has spell check, too! And they're also developing a grammar check. Or perhaps you prefer online tools like Evernote to write. Guess what? SPELL CHECK! Granted, it doesn't correct grammar but killing typos is more than you'd do yourself.

Truth of the matter is that I have stopped reading several stories midway because I couldn't stand the atrocious grammatical errors, typos and mistaken words. It's a damn shame because your stories surely deserve to be read. I also get if your first language isn't English but trust me, you non-English speakers have so much better grammar skills than native speakers. And believe it or not, but you can notice by the mistakes if the writer is a native speaker or not.

So here's a list of things that really make me want to gouge out my eyes:

  • you're / your

  • it's / its

  • then / than

  • would of, could of, should of DO NOT EXIST! And the worst thing is that I've actually read "sort've" instead of "sort of" before... it almost made me cry in frustration

  • plurals of nouns with apostrophe, f.ex. hand's, house's, car's  (WTF?)

  • 3rd person S with apostrophe: he eat's, she love's, it sit's (Srsly, WTF is your problem???)

  • to / too / two (I'm not kidding about the last one)

  • incorrect past participles: he has ate, i have did, we had took  (btw, the one exception I'm trying to get used to because it's also a correct form is "she has proved". But I honestly like "she has proven" a whole lot better.)

  • negation + too = either: "I don't like horses, either."  (maybe too at the end is correct as well but it sounds so wrong to me)

  • adjectives instead of adverbs

  • literally

  • "to not" instead of "not to"

  • whose not who's

These are the ones I could remember from the top of my head. There's probably more ... and that's really sad. I love the internet but it has done shite for grammar, spelling and punctuation.

If you have more such mistakes, leave a comment.

Last but not least, here's something to really fuck with your grammatical sensitivity:

"You're friend say's that your sort've trying too learned grammar proper but the essay's I asked you two right aren't wrote very good. I could of gave you more exercise's so too not mess up in the future, but your more of a hopeless case then I would of thought. I literally pulled out my hair when I red you're essay's. First we need to work on you're basic's through, than you're text won't be riddled with mistake's any more."

Writing this took such effort, my head's hurting now x_x  Btw, there's 31 mistakes in that paragraph. Have fun finding them all lol.

Date: 2015-09-22 03:20 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] mantou-chan.livejournal.com
LOL, congratz on cramming those mistakes in 4 sentences XDDD
Based on various comments I read from internet, seems like most of the offender is from those people who supposed to be native speakers whom grammatical errors seems to eclipse my spotty grammar.

Date: 2015-09-23 12:36 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] jukebox-csi.livejournal.com
HAHAHAHA Truly!! Sometimes I just can not make it through a story, because of grammar and spelling mistakes. The you're/your drives me up a tree. Now, I know there are quite a few mistakes in the fanfiction I've written - but sometimes I think the worst offenders are in grade school. I've seen it in published books as well, in the m/m genre. There are some really bad published writings out there.

Date: 2015-09-23 10:59 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] icassop.livejournal.com
If they're self-published, then probably nobody looks over the story unless they hire somebody specifically to do that. But if it's released by a big publisher, they better make sure the grammar and spelling are sound.

Btw, I just noticed that LJ also has spell check for comments XD


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