Jul. 18th, 2016

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Uh... *cough* ...I've started playing Pokémon Go.


I jumped on the hype train. Wait, no. It's not a fucking hype train. It's an ode to nostalgia, to my child--- teenhood (is that a word?). I remember watching Pokémon season 1 on TV with my younger brother, and it was probably one of the most impressive things I had seen since Star Wars (and all the other anime like Dragonball, Sailormoon, etc. ... so not really impressive compared to them... but it was unique!). You go on an adventure, catch quasi-animals, train them, do battle with them and become their very best friends: a true calling for the hunter-gatherer in us humans.

So here I am. Catching pokémon at home because I don't have a mobile data plan (the only reason I'm not addicted yet). Funny enough though, in the first 24 hours since I started playing I caught 9 pokémon basically from my bed XD  But bless my city, they have free wifi downtown, so I will try and go there after work and when it's less hot outside. Because remember, kids: work before play and don't forget sunscreen. Also watch out for cars o_ô

Happy hunting for those who do, and those who don't, just let them have fun. What's better than seeing people looking this happy when they catch a pokémon:


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